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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Time to go"

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Time to go"


If you ever wanted to create something out of nothing in photoshop,but never knew how to do it,or didn't even know how to start,you are in the right place.In this blog post I will write down all the steps I needed to create one of my most popular Instagram photos.


You don't even need to have any of your own photos to make this,I find almost all of my editing material on Unsplash

Just before we start,I can guarantee you that this is much easier than you think it is,and everyone can do it,but this is a text version,so if you have a hard time with some of the steps below,you can watch the video tutorial at the beginning of the post.

Let's get started,to make this particular photo you will need 4 photos: The ''flying man'',a hand,clouds,and the background I used which is actually a photo of a church turned upside down.

Step 1: Make a new project in photoshop and insert the photo of the church as the main background.Then flip it vertically,and you already got a very cool background.  


Step 2: Insert the photo of a flying man(you don't need to align it the same way I did nor use the same photo, you are free to make it so it suits your taste)


Step 3: Insert the clouds,then flip them vertically just like you flipped the background.After that grab the eraser tool(select the soft brush) and clean up the blue sky.

Step 4: Insert the hand,and rotate it so it looks like it's trying to grab the man from inside the clouds


Step 5: Now we are going to make "the soul" of the flying man get out of his body.Click on the flying man layer,then press CTRL+J to copy it,then CTRL+T to transform it.We are not going to really transform anything,just move that layer a little above the "first" flying man.After that click on filter>blur>motion blur and put the distance at around 172 pixels and angle around -85°.



And you  are almost done,you are done with layers,inserting stuff,rotating...Only thing left are some cosmetic repairs(if you look closely at the top of the hand you can see that it's not attached to the "inside" of the clouds).It's hard to explain that over text so you should watch the video below to see how to make that look more convincing,with some color correction after it.

This is the first of many tutorials to come,stay tunned for more!


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