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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Umbrella Fantasy"

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Umbrella Fantasy"

After I did a tutorial on my "Time to go" photo,here I am providing you with my second tutorial,again for one of the photos from my instagram feed.

l called this one - "Umbrella Fantasy"


Before I start,I will tell you that I won't copy this image while doing this tutorial,I will try to make it the same as i did the first time,but it will be impossible to align all the umbrellas in the exact same place,and same goes for you.Don't try to imitate this photo,just follow MY steps and YOUR imagination.

You will need 4 photos to make this image:The girl holding the umbrella,the landscape,the surface she's standing on,and a photo of an umbrella.I found all of these on Unsplash

Let's get this started,open photoshop and make a new project,then follow me.

 Insert the landscape,then the surface she will stand on.


Align the surface to the bottom of the landscape,then grab the Magnetic lasso tool.With the lasso tool,select only the surface,because you don't need the surounding of that photo.If you did that correctly,press CTRL+C+V to extract the selection,then grab the eraser and clean up the space on the right side between the pole and the surface itself.It's so small,but if you don't do it,it can be noticed.



 Insert the photo with the girl holding the umbrella,and extract her out of the image just like you extracted the surface on the previous photo,using the Magnetic lasso tool.After you did that grab the eraser and do some cleaning on the edges.I recommend you to do that using a small and soft brush.After you did that press CTRL+T and align the girl so it looks like she is standing on the surface.

Insert the umbrella photo.You don't need the lasso tool here because you can just set the layer to "multiply".

Now select that umbrella layer and pres CTRL+J 10 times if you want to have 10 umbrellas,20 if you want 20 umbrellas etc...You will see all of the copied layers one the right side,now select one,press CTRL+T and place it anywhere you want,scale it however you want.Do that for each copied umbrella,but every single one should look different in size and placement.

The number of umbrellas you will copy is all up to your imagination,just like their placement.I showed you how to do it,now you do it your way! The only thing left is some color correction,part of which I did in the video,but I do most of it on my pc using Lightroom,or on my smartphone with Lightroom,Snapseed or Vsco.If you want to see my tutorial on that,leave a comment below.








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