Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Sandstorm"

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In my third tutorial I'll be showing you how to make another photo from my Instagram feed that I made today.For this one you will need a photo of a cliff,birds,some people,a deer,some clouds/storm,and a pair of wings,yes,a pair of wings.

After you opened photoshop and created a new project,you should first insert your background,which would be the storm/clouds.I found this photo the most suitable one in my case.

On top of that I inserted the photo of a cliff,and grabbed the Magnetic lasso tool so I can select only the part of the cliff I want to keep for the purpose of this photo.

Be careful,if the people on your photo are small as they are in mine,you will probably not select them correctly from this distance,so zoom in so you don't miss out on anything,you can see how I did it in the video.After you selected what you wanted,press CTRL+C+V and extract the selection.You can delete the leftovers.Scale the cliff somewhere to the middle of the photo so it looks like the storm is much bigger than the cliff and the people on it,if you followed me you should now have something like the photo below.

After that,insert the photo with the deer on it,and just like you extracted the cliff from the previous photo,now go and extract the deer with the lasso tool.Just remember the shortcut - CTRL+C+V.

Because the procedure is identical to the previous extraction,I will post the photos below without further explanation ,so you can see how it should look like.One thing you will probably need to do here is to grab the eraser after you extract the deer because there will probably be some cleaning up to do(clean the edges).

The problem you may encounter here is that your deer will be missing parts of his legs.We have a solution for that,grab the Clone stamp tool,hold the ALT key,and left click a part of the deer's leg.With that move you created a brush,now try to make his legs a little longer.If it doesn't work,check the video and you will understand.

The deer will be very far and you won't be able to see every detail on him so it's not important that it looks perfect,just make it look like he has normal legs when you look at it from distance.

Now comes the hardest part of this tutorial,we need to give the deer some wings!

I downloaded a photo with some birds on it and decided to extract only one wing from one of the birds.One wing is enough because you can copy it and just flip it horizontally and you will have two identical wings.Now you will need to hit CTRL+T and right click on the wing layer and skew/distort it  so it looks realistic when you put it behind the deer.You need to do the same for the other wing.Also don't forget to clean up the edges when you extract the wings(If you watch the video you can see that I erased a big part of each wing to make it suit the look of the deer,otherwise it would have looked dumb).

If you did everything like you should have,your photo should look something like this right now.

Now comes the last,also the longest part of making this photo...the birds.They will be inserted here because the photo would look empty if we leave it like this,so I decided to put some(a lot of) birds.Go on and insert your birds photo.

If you followed my last tutorial with the umbrellas you will know how to do this by yourself,the only difference is that here you need to extract the first bird with the lasso tool instead of putting the layer in multiply mode,then just copy the layer as many times as you want and change the size(CTRL+T then right click Scale),spread them all around the photo and make sure that some of them are very small(distanced) and some are really big(close).To make the birds look a little different one from another use CTRL+T then commands Distort and Skew,both are self explanatory when you use them.I really can't explain it any better here so I will post some photos below,if you still don't get some parts you should watch the video at the top to understand the things you missed here and.I also showed a small amount of color correction,the rest is done in Adobe Lightroom.

After about 20 minutes of spreading the birds all over my photo,below is the final result.

See you in the next one,there are a lot of tutorials coming up!














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