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Photo Manipulation - Smartphone Levitation

Photo Manipulation - Smartphone Levitation

Today I will learn you how to turn something ugly like this below

into something like this

Actually the point of this tutorial is to learn you how to make the phone levitate,you can count the background as a small bonus tutorial which will be shown in the video.This tutorial can be used for any possible object you want,but for the purpose of this tutorial I will choose a smartphone because I can then show you another fun and useful thing..keep on reading to see what it is.

To complete this tutorial you will need a photo of your hand,a photo of a smartphone,a photo of a smartphone camera interface...and possibly a nice background.

First insert the photo you want to use as your background.

Right after that insert the photo that has a hand in it,and use the lasso tool to extract only the hand.I used my own photo.

After that you need to insert the photo of a phone,your own or any other,it doesn't really matter as long as you can see it's screen.Extract the phone and discard the rest of that photo.Place it somewhere above your hand(where it looks realistic to you).

My advice is to play around with skew and distort commands until you get a realistic placement of the phone in the air.

Now you need to select the black screen of the phone and remove it.The easiest way to do that is to grab the rectangle selection tool,it's right below the arrow at the top of the tools.After you did that do not press CTRL+C+V because you will extract the black screen instead of the frame of the phone,you need to right click the selection and click "select inverse".Now you can extract and you will get the frame only.You can discard the black screen layer.

Next thing to do is to insert the camera interface inside the screen.You can either screenshot your own interface or find it online.Be very precise with this part because it can be tricky to center it,I did it by using several transformation commands...scale and warp should be enough.

Now we need to remove the black screen again,but leave the camera interface.Do that with the rectangular selection tool again.

If you did everything right by now,it should look something like this below.

There are only two more things to do here.We need to make it look like the camera of this levitating phone is capturing what is in front of us,and to achieve that effect we need to copy the background layer,scale it,and insert it inside the phone's screen.See the photos below to see how it should look and then I'll tell you the final step.

To help you remove the part of the background that is not needed here,I advise you to use the rectangular selection tool again and select the frame of your phone.Then click on the second background layer,and start erasing the parts you don't need(everything except the selection).

After you did that,you can adjust the colors of each layer to your liking.You can see my corrections in the video at the top.Thanks for reading and see you in the next one!








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