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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Tiny World"

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Tiny World"

Today I'm going to show you how to create tiny little planets out of very big landscape photos.I said landscape because these photos come out with the best results in this case.In this text tutorial I will show you how to create one small planet,and if you wanna see more you can watch the video as I will be creating two more there.No matter how many you create,the procedure will always be identical,that is the reason why I will show you how to create only the first one here...there is no sense in showing you how to create three photos which are made by the exact same steps.

You should pick a nice landscape photo with a bright sky for your first try.That is the only photo you will need here.

Go on and open your photo in photoshop.

Now go to Image - Image Size,and remember the width of your photo because you will need that number in a moment.

Go to Filter - Other - Offset.

In the "Horizontal" box,you need to type the number that is half of your photo's width,for example my photo is 3800 pixels wide so I will type 1900 pixels.You will see that I tried to find the middle of my photo manually but it doesn't go so easy,that's why I told you to remember the width.

Don't forget to check "Wrap Around"!

After you press OK you will probably have a line at the middle of your photo.That line is there because the two ends of your photo are close to one another and it's obvious that they don't belong that way.To solve that,you can grab the stamp tool,or the brush and just equal it up a bit.It doesn't have to be perfect at all,just make the difference a little less obvious.You can see how mine looks like after brushing it a bit.

Now you need to go to Image - Image size again,and you need to uncheck "Constrain Proportions" because you will need to make the height of your photo to be the same as the width,and that won't be possible if that is checked.Uncheck it and enter the hight number.We are doing this because we want to have a square sized photo.

Press OK and you should now get a square photo.Now press CTRL+T and right click your photo.Flip it vertically so it's upside down and then go to Filter - Distort - Polar Coordinates.

Select "Rectangular to polar" and press OK.

It's done!

If you want to see how I made two more tiny planets you should watch the video at the top.There is another small trick to make the surrounding of the planets look even better by using just one additional layer so make sure you check it out!





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