Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Light up the stars"

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create light in photoshop just by using curves and a blur filter,all that with a really cool photo you will get when you get to the end of the tutorial.Below you will see the photos I used to make the final picture.

You can work with these photos for your first try,open the first photo in photoshop.Select only the platform and those two men that are standing on it,then extract them.

Press CTRL+C+V after you made the selection.Now insert the stars below the extracted photo.

Use "Hue and Saturation" layer to make the colors of the first layer more realistic.If you are having trouble you can see how I did it in the video.

Now you need to insert the sea photo between these two photos,and grab a big soft brush to delete the orange sky.

Now we need to make the sea look more realistic,like it blends with the stars.I did that using the Brightness and Contrast layer,and Hue and Saturation layer.You can see the settings below.Now the sea and the stars look synchronized.

Merge all visible layers.Now it's time to make some light.Grab the polygonal lasso tool and make a selection like i did on the photo below.

Now make a Curves layer and modify it like I did.You will notice that the light is too bright and sharp so we need to use a gaussian blur effect here to make it more realistic.

Set the amount of blur like I did.

This is actually you can only create more curve layers to make the light more realistic.You should also grab the brush tool and point it right into the light source(the man's hand),and make it white so people can tell the light comes from there.You should definitely make some more curve layers to make this look better.

Here you can see that I combined 4 curve layers.


The only rule with these curve layers is that the smaller ones should be brighter(less blurred) and closer to the light source.You can see the final result below,and if you want to see the exact way how I did the other curve layers you should watch my video at the top!




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