Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Aerial Handstand"

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In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make another one of my instagram photos.For the purpose of this tutorial I used 4 photos which you can see below. The girl doing the handstand is @ashleyalwaysofficial

I got the other three photos from Unsplash

First thing to do is insert the photo with the city landscape.Right after that you can insert the second photo,which would be the forest.

Press CTRL+T and right click on the forest,rotate it vertically,then place it like I did.Don't worry about the right side of the city photo we will crop that at the end.

Now grab the eraser and select a soft brush.Start erasing the sky from the forest photo(you can leave some fog it will blend well with the first photo).

Now insert the photo with the girl doing the handstand,mine is from the instagram profile of @ashleyalwaysofficial

Use the magnetic lasso tool to select the girl only,then press CTRL+C+V to extract.

Now use the eraser to clean up the extraction.

You can hide that layer for now.The next step is inserting the photo of the swing.You will probably notice that this swing is very short,so how can we make it longer?I'll show you below,after you extract the swing.

Grab the lasso tool(regular),and draw a circle around the ropes that hold the swing.

With that move,you made a selection.Press CTRL+C+V to extract the ropes.Now press CTRL+T and place them in a way so it looks like they are an extension of the original ropes.Zoom in while placing if you can't do it correctly.

Now repeat this process until you get the length of the ropes you want.

When you're done with that,merge all the rope layers together and place the whole swing like I did below.

We are almost done,the only thing left to do is to place the girl on the swing,so make that layer visible again.

Obviously,the photo is too big,so press CTRL+T and scale it down so it looks natural when you place it on the swing.

You just need to crop the photo now and you are done(cropping tool is on the left bar among the other tools).I also did some color correction before cropping,you can see that part in the video.

You can see the final result below.In my next tutorial I will teach you how to create some realistic looking snow!

Thanks for reading,I hope this helped you learn something new,see you in the next tutorial!








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