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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Snowy Days"

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - "Snowy Days"

In this tuturial I will show you how to create realistic looking snow in photoshop.You will only need one photo of your choice.I will be using the photo below.

Open your photo in photoshop.

Make a new Solid Layer.You can see where to go on the photo below.

After creating the layer your layout should look like this.

Now go to Filter-->Noise-->Add Noise

Put the amount to around 300%,and check both "Gaussian" and "Monochromatic".If you don't check monochromatic your snow will be colorful and we don't want that right now.

Now go to Filter-->Filter Gallery.

New window with alot of filter folders will open,select the "Artistic" folder,and then "Dry Brush".

This doesn't really look like snow.In order to achieve the snowy look press the little button in the down right corner three times(see the location of the button on the photo below).

Now we are getting there! You can hit OK.Your screen should look like this now.

To see our background with a little snow over it we need to select the layer option "Screen.

We created snow,but the snowflakes are very small and barely noticable.To make them bigger and more realistic,I copied the snow layer five times.You do it too.Now select one layer and press CTRL+T to enter transformation mode.Scale the layer up(make it bigger) and change it's placement in any way you want,just place it differently.Do that with each copy of the snow layer(every copy needs to be scaled up and placed in a different place,that way you create more snow).If you don't understand,just see the photos below.

The next step is really important.You know how most photos have certain parts of it in focus,while the rest is blurred? That is called depth of field.In our photo,snow is falling everywhere,not just in one spot.So,according to the depth of field rule,some snowflakes need to be in focus,some need to be blurred right? Let's do that.You have five snow layers,so I selected one by one and gave each one a certain amount of gaussian blur(This part is very subjective,you decide which snow layer you want in focus,and which one do you want to have blurred).You can see below that I blurred the first layer by 3,5 pixels.Now  do that for every layer but with different amount of blur(Choose the numbers on your own,or use mine from the video).

I grabbed the eraser tool and erased all the snow that was "covering" my subject because I think it looks cooler that way,but you don't have to do that if you like it more the way it is...

That was the last step of this tutorial! I hope it was easy for you to understand the steps,if it wasn't,be sure to watch the video tutorial...I posted the original photo below,along with the final result.I think we did well here! Thanks for reading and see you in the next one.


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