Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Face Inversion

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to make another one of my instagram photos,a really cool photo illusion.Let's call it "Face Inversion".You can see the finished photo below.


You think it looks normal? Try to rotate it...

You can use pretty much any portrait photo to complete this tutorial as long as the face is clearly visible,otherwise it will be hard to achieve the effect.

Open your photo in photoshop.I will use the photo below by @yancycnay

Press CTRL+J to copy the photo so you have two duplicates

Now grab the lasso tool and make a rough selection of both eyes on your copy layer.It doesn't need to be precise because you will use the eraser later.

After you made you selection,press CTRL+V to extract the eyes.Now press CTRL+T to enter transformation mode and right click the eyes,press Flip Vertical.It should look like this.

Notice how you can see the normal eyes of the back layer,we need to get rid of that.Grab the clone stamp tool,hold ALT and press anywhere where you can see some clear skin.That will be your stamp.Now click on the areas where you see the eye parts of the back layer,you need to clean that up.

Now use the eraser(grab the soft brush).Select a very small brush,then clean up the darker parts around the eyes.It should look like this.

After cleaning up both of the eyes,you should get a photo like I did below.

Now you need to do the same thing with lips,grab the lasso tool and make a quick selection around the lips.

After you made the selection,flip them vertically like you did with the eyes.

Again,you will use the clone stamp tool to cover up the lips from the background photo.Remember - ALT to take a sample(clear skin),and then click on the lips to cover them up.

Use the eraser(soft brush) to make the lips a little "lighter",because the edges are so sharp right now,they don't look realistic.Just erase the edges a bit.

If you did everything like I told you to,you should have a photo that looks like this when it's rotated vertically

and a photo that looks like this when you flip it vertically again

Cool illusion huh? Thanks for reading this tutorial,I hope you were able to complete it without any trouble.See you in the next one!










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