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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Waterfall City

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Waterfall City

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add a beautiful waterfall to an ordinary city landscape photo. To complete this tutorial,I will be using a photo of New York city,and a photo of a waterfall.This one is really easy to do,just follow my steps.

This is the New York photo I will be using for the purpose of this tutorial.

and this is the waterfall.

At the beginning of the tutorial,you will notice that the sky on my city photo is different to the New York photo above.I changed it so it suits the final picture better.If you don't know how to do that,you should see my tutorial on how to modify the sky on any photo here.

Let's begin with the waterfall manipulation.Open the city photo in photoshop,and insert the waterfall photo on top of it.

Place the waterfall photo so you can see the whole waterfall clearly.Now grab the lasso tool and make a selection around the waterfall and the water,you can dismiss the sky.

Press CTRL+C+V to extract the selection.You can discard the rest of the photo since you won't need it anymore.

Select the eraser tool now(soft brush),and clean up the remainings around the waterfall that don't match with the city photo.

Now comes the only tricky part of this tutorial.It depends on the waterfall photo you use for your photo,but in my case I have a part which kinda doesn't belong to the photo,so I need to edit it so it looks more convenient.You can see on the photo below that the middle part of the waterfall is all white(foam),in the real photo it really looks like that,but in my photo it looks unrealistic,so I need to make the water clear like it is on the other parts of the waterfall.First look at the photo below so you know what am I talking about.

You see? To remove the foam,I will just use the lasso tool again and make a rough circle around the clear part of the waterfall,copy that part and try to paste it over the foam and see how it looks.Let's try that.Use the lasso to select the clear part of the photo above.

Press CTRL+C+V to extract it.Then move that part on top of the water we want to cover.

Now use the eraser again to remove the edges of the copied part that don't look good(in my case - the right part).

Looks better now doesn't it...I will now copy this layer again by pressing CTRL+J and paste it once again on the next part that needs fixing.

Repeat the same procedure until you get the waterfall that looks fine for you.If you take a look at my video you will see that I used some other tools and transformation methods like the clone stamp tool and the warp method to make the waterfall even more believable.That is impossible to explain here by text so if you want you can check it out in the video at the top of this post.

Next thing you need to do is related to the city layer...there is some sea between the city and the waterfall right? We need to make the color of that sea to look similar to the color of the water that is falling down the waterfall(and the water below the waterfall).I think you know what to do even without my help.Grab the polygonal lasso tool and make a precise selection of that sea part.

After you made the selection,make a hue and saturation layer for that sea part.

Now the sea of the top photo and the water of the bottom photo have approximately the same color.If you watch the video,you will see that I created some color correction layers for the waterfall too to make the water "darker".

I'm not pasting my exact color layers numbers here because I want you to set these numbers according to your own taste,but if you want the exact same settings like can see them in the video.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next one!







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