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Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Floating house

Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Floating house

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create one of my favourite instagram posts - The floating house.

I used 5 different photos to make this post.You can see the photos below

First step is opening the main background in photoshop.That is the photo a foggy field.

Now insert the "rock" photo and use the quick selection tool to select the rock only.

After you made the selection,press CTRL+C+V to extract the rock.Then press CTRL+T to enter transformation mode and scale it down like I did on the photo below.Place it somewhere on the sky.

Now insert your house photo.Like you did with the rock,use the quick selection tool to select only the house.After you do that,press CTRL+C+V to extract it.

Use the eraser tool to clean up the unneeded parts around the house.

Press CTRL+T to enter transformation mode,then flip the photo horizontally.Now place it on top of the rock.

To make it align better on the rock,I entered transformation mode again and played with the warp tool a bit.Since I can't really explain that part with words,you should see it in the video.

Now insert the photo with the girl.Once again,I used the quick selection tool to select the girl and extracted her by pressing CTRL+C+V,

You wil probably need to clean up the edges aroung the girl,you can do that with the eraser tool.Now enter transformation mode and scale her down a bit,then place her at the bottom of the photo.

Now create a brightness and contrast layer for the girl and turn the contrast all the way down.


We need to make her kind of yellowish so she blends into the background.To do that create a photo filter like I did below and select a warming yellow/orange filter with around 30% density value.

Now we need to make a ladder for the floating island.That is a lot easier to do than you probably think it is.Just insert the wooden stick photo.Enter transformation mode and make the stick the thinnest you possibly can.Place it like I did below.

You just made one side of the ladder!Press CTRL+J to copy this layer and place it right next to the first one.

Now you need to make the smaller parts.Select one of the two layer you previously made.Press CTRL+J to make anotheer copy.Press CTRL+T to enter transformation mode and rotate the layer for 90 degrees,Make it smaller like I did and align it like you see below.

Now copy this layer and place it above.Then copy the layer you just placed.Then copy that layer..then the next one,and the next one etc. until you reach the top of the ladder.If you don't understand what am I saying here take a look at the video or the photos below.

If you did it right your floating house should look something like this now.

We are almost done with the house.Notice how the background is really foggy,and the house isn't at all...well,we need to make it look like it is foggy just a bit.Merge the ladder layer,the island layer,and the house layer together,then grab the clone stamp tool.Use the fog as a sample for your brush by holding the ALT key and left clicking on the foggy sky(make sure the background layer is selected while doing this).Now brush over the ladder/island/house for a little to cover them with fog(Keep an eye on the opacity and flow of your brush).

One more step left! The photo looks pretty good now,but one thing can make it even better and more artistic.Select the background layer and enter transformation mode by pressing CTRL+T.If you can't enter transformation mode,you first need to right click the background layer and select Convert to smart layer.After entering transformation mode right click on the photo and select Warp.Then warp the photo like I did below to make the field kinda sphereized.Check out the video if you are having trouble with this.This was the final step! Thanks for taking part in this tutorial,I hope you managed to make the same photo as I did...See you in the next tutorial!

Use the Crop tool (left toolbar) to get rid of the empty space.














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