Photo Manipulation Tutorial - Double Exposure

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Today I'm going to teach you how to create one the most known effects in modern photography,called double exposure effect.We will do this by combining two photos into one.In this tutorial I will be combining a portrait photo with some beautiful landscape to achieve the effect.We need to manipulate these photos so the landscape fills the silhouette of the portrait photo.

These are the photos I will be using for the purpose of this tutorial:


 You can start by opening your portrait image in photoshop.We need to extract only the face from this photo,without the white background.If we try to do it with the lasso tool the edges won't look realistic after the extraction,so I will show you how to do it in another way.Keep track on the photos below,select Channels

 Duplicate the Blue layer.

 Select the copied layer and go to Image-->Adjustments-->Levels.Move the sliders to the right like I did below.


 Now select the brush tool and color the center part of the face in black.

Select the RGB Layer. Hold CTRL and left click the Blue Layer Copy thumbnail.You should see the selection now.

Use the quick selection tool.Right click on the selection and click Select Inverse.

Press CTRRL+C+V to extract the selection.Now insert the landscape photo you will use to fill the face layer.I will rotate mine for 90° and place it in a way I think looks the best.You can follow me or place your own photo in a way that looks best to you.

After you placed the landscape photo,hold CTRL and left click the face layer thumbnail to extract the part of the landscape which will fill the face.Press CTRL+C+V to extract.

Now copy the face layer and place it on top of the list.Use the "Multiply" layer option.

Create a Hue and Saturation layer and move the saturation slider to the left.

This step is optional.Select the landscape layer and grab the eraser tool.Erase the greyish part of the landscape that covers a part of the girl's cheek.

Insert another copy of the landscape photo.This time we will use it as a background so you should place it at the bottom of the list.Go to Filter-->Blur-->Gaussian Blur.Adjust the blur slider however you want as long as the background is blurry.

We are almost done,use the eraser tool to make the face edges softer and cleaner.

After that,select the face layer on top of the list.Use the eraser tool again to remove the ears and hair from our photo so you can only see the forest.

Select the blurred background layer and make a Hue and Saturation layer.Move the sliders like me to get the greenish background.I did this because I think that color goes well with her new "hair".That was the last step of this tutorial!

If you did everything right,your photo should look like the photo below.If you didn't understand something,you should watch the video at the top.Thanks for reading!


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