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24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"
24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"
ART & CARS 2016: Presented by Left Coast

ART & CARS 2016: Presented by Left Coast

The Left Coast Posse will be hosting an art show in Long Beach, Ca. Wednesday April 6, 2016. This event will consist of artist who do not normally come across opportunities to showcase their work. Please join them for an evening of amazing art, cars, music, and beer. 

Be Sure to RSVP @  for entrance 

Featured Artists : Wood Crates, Epar, Caitlin Ting, Drew Fishbein, Eric Paez, Daniela Donato, Micheal Mizzoni

Drinks provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon (21+ to drink) 

Coverage: OMGDrift

Venue: The Missile Silo

Powered By : Osiris & Co. 

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