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24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"
24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"

Universal Lens Cap for DSLR Camera Lens Waterproof Protection

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Shock Absorbing
Safe protection against falling, knocks and bumps. Our lens protector helps absorb shocks and better mitigate potential damage to the inside and outside of your lens.
You heard right, waterproof. The tight fit and exterior coating keeps your lenses completely sealed against water and moisture. Her next shoot in the rain is therefore a lot less stressful and relaxed.
The tight hold and tight seal prevent dust, dirt and fine-grained sand from polluting or even damaging your lens. No more worries during a trip to the outdoors.
Strong hold
Our lens protector covers your camera lens and provides a firm grip and your lens is guaranteed to be protected.
Fits just about every lens
All lenses of all camera brands with a diameter of 60mm to 75mm can be safely protected. For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Pentax, Tamron, Minolta, etc.