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24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"
24 Hour Flash Sale "BuyOneGetOneHalfOff"

"Golden Diamond" Camera Strap System Black Hardware

Wrist Size

Our camera strap systems are comprised of two pieces: One bracelet and one clip.

 Before checkout be sure to determine your bracelet size.

Simply wrap a string around your right wrist and measure the length to acquire your appropriate fit.

The sizes below are for the bracelet portion of the Osiris and Co. Camera Strap System. The clip portion comes in one standard size and requires no extra measurements.

The following sizes are for your bracelet (wrist) size only:

 X-Small (6" - 6.5")

Small (6.5" - 7")

Medium (7" - 7.5")

Large (7.5" - 8")

X-Large (8" - 8.5")

XX-Large (8.5" - 9")

For any sizing questions or any other questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to check out our FAQ's page or contact Osiris & Co. directly by clicking HERE


*Currently Back-ordered 2-4 weeks*